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“I have known Iggy for over 20 years both socially and occasionally in business. During this time I have always been amazed by his dedication to his work role and his single minded desire to do the best possible for his employer and the public interest.

I would like to personally recommend Iggy to anyone who is looking for advice on policy setting and compliance for the minefield that is diversity and equality.

Iggy’s enthusiasm is infectious and his diligent research and straight talking makes a refreshing change from the humdrum.

I am certain that he will have a very positive influence on any business he is involved with” August 23, 2011

- Jim Freer, Procurement Manager, Devro Scotland Ltd

“Iggy is not only immensely knowledgeable in his specifc field but translates the more technical and legal implications of certain actions into a language that all can understand and relate to. His advice and guidance has proved invaluable in support of the work i deal in which is ultimately about people related change. Iggy would bring real added value to any organisation requireing somebody with his specialist knowledge.” August 23, 2011

- Richie Maddock, Organisational Development, Lincolnshire County Council

“I've known Iggy in a number of development, delivery and support roles. In all those roles Iggy has taken new things on and just delivered them. He quickly percolates problems down to the key issues and helps people to focus on them.
In his role as Equality and Diversity officer he dealt with a broad set of needs and represented them across all business disciplines and a wide range of committees and projects. He is consistent, approachable, dependable and dedicated.” August 22, 2011

- Steve Attley, ICT Analyst, Lincolnshire County Council

“I would highly recommend Iggy for his next chosen position. Iggy is highly personable to all his team members & peers and extremely professional in his work. His friendly go lucky approach is enough to put a smile on everyones face ;o)” August 22, 2011

- Wendy Bryans, Capacity Planning & Efficiency Manager, Lincolnshire County Council

“I have known Iggy for a number of years now. He is a real inspiration to all his colleagues. Iggy never complains and is such a positive inspirational person. He is passionate in whatever he puts his hand to do, and works extremely hard to make sure that good practice is implemented amongst his colleagues, subordinates and those senior to him. Not only the above, but he is also a pleasure to work with, with his cheerful, warm, and sincere personality.” May 17, 2011

- Sally Butler, Training & Development Manager, Lincolnshire County Council

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- Iggy Patel reciving the Linconlshire Star Award - 2009-2010