Equality & Diversity Consultant/Training

Tired of the usual, E&D Training? Do you really want to make a difference and reap the business benefits from having an inclusive organisation?

Halo Able Tech produce and deliver D&E training and consultancy services based not on theory, but on what actually happens in real life.  We will give you training and tools, not just of the shelf, but produced and delivered to your companies’ individual needs. The emphasis is very much on practicality, changing mind sets whilst keeping costs to the minimum. We believe very much in working with companies, voluntary & Government organisations, staff, and customers to produce programmes that will work for you.

Example – Whilst working for the Local Authority and carrying out Equality Impact Assessments, it became evident, that the language provision services for the organisation where very costly and much underutilised. They also did not take in to account the needs of the growing local migrant communities.

Within a month Halo Able Tec, reorganised the whole system that the authority used. Having analysed usage, by type, It was evident that the majority of translations that where needed where mainly for meet and greet and form filling matters, services that did not need a professional translator. With this in mind 96 local community supporters who spoke excellent English and their mother tongue were employed and trained to provide the services that were needed. For legal, technical and medical matters professional translation services could still be bought in via a professional translation service at negotiated reduced rates. This service not only reduced the cost to the authority by 60% a year, but also improved employment in hard to reach communities, whilst also opening doorways to those communities for consultation purposes.


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