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Providing advice, advocacy & training on Equalities (with an emphasis on Disability) & Consumer Law from the perspective of the customer. Changing mind sets for the benefit of all.

Who we are:

Halo Able Tec has been set up to try and make a difference. Its main objective is to change mind sets of organisations with regard to equalities and in particular disabilities to ensure that customers are put at the fore front of a business development for the benefit of the organisation and its customers.

Managing Director of Halo Able Tec 

HI, I'm Iggy, I have a rare muscle wasting disease and have been a permanent wheelchair user  for 10  years. I also have mild Dyslexia. In the past  I have worked in Local government, the majority of this time (15 years) working in Consumer Law & Enforcement. For the past seven years, I have worked in the field of Diversity & Equality. As I have built up a lot of technical, legal and practical knowledge in the area of Consumer Law, Equalities and Disability in particular, I am keen to put this to use for the benefit of local people, businesses, voluntary and governmental organisations and communities.

I look forward to seeing/working with you in the near future.

Iggy Patel.

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