Accessibility Audits/Training

We certainly don’t believe that one “HAT” fits all. When it comes to Accessibility, Halo Able Tech believes and is committed to “Accessibility and Beyond”. We don’t just look at it from the perspective of  disability discrimination, building regulations, and British Standards. We strive to go a lot further.

Our Audits and Training will look across the whole business at protected characteristics, under The Equality Act and provide specific advice in regards to disabilities, taking in to consideration the full range of issues including visual, hearing impairment as well as mobility access.

When it comes to our training, this can be as stand alone with regard to just general access, or as we like to do offer a more specific course based on your business needs. A part of our service to you   we will include an assessment of your organisation prior to producing & offering training which is only relevant to your business needs.

Example - Whilst carrying out Access Audits across premises in Lincolnshire, the biggest issue we found or where faced where perceptions and lack of specific Equality based customer service skills of members of staff. We truly believe that making reasonable adjustments does not always have to be costly and include a major structural change to the buildings. Our ethos is very much based on the Social Model of Disability, it is not the buildings that always restrict us, but how we are dealt with.

Have a look at your waiting areas in receptions? Is there a space left for a wheelchair user to park up, or a mother with a pushchair to sit. 99% of our findings within our recent survey showed that in each case, a wheelchair user or a mother is left parking the chair right in the middle of the waiting area, causing an obstruction and unnecessary embarrassment for all parties. How easy would it be to remove just one chair form the waiting area and leave a space for such customers?



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